Available every day from open till close
Daily Specials also available

Garlic Bread

Marinated Mixed Olives





Dusted in salt & pepper, served with fried kale, aioli & lemon

House-made Craft Beer Battered Onion Rings


Served with Bbq sauce

Mini Grazer                                                                                                $19

Tzatziki dip, chorizo, olives, feta,  sundried tomato, blue cheese, pickled onions, gherkins & toasted bread

Basket of Fries


With tomato sauce & aioli

Seasoned Wedges


With sweet chilli sauce & sour cream

                                                                                        Load with bacon & cheese                                      $12

Fish & Chips                                                                                               $13

Craft beer battered hoki, served with chips, tartare & lemon

                                                                                        Add British style mushy peas                                 $3            

                                                                                        Add side salad                                                          $4.50

Lamb Salad                                                                                                                                                       $16

Lamb & Mushroom Kebab on a bed of mixed greens with sun dried tomato, cucumber,                          onion, feta and fresh Tzatziki

Our Burgers are house made 

Try one of our classics or go for something bigger with our Thirty30 favorites



Northland beef pattie, lettuce, tomato, onion, tomato sauce & aioli



Succulent lamb pattie on spinach, cucumber, feta, grilled onion & Tzatziki

Hoi Sin Pulled Pork


Slow cooked pork shoulder with spinach, pickled cabbage & spring onions



Free range chicken breast, grilled with fresh herbs, topped with aioli

on a bed oflettuce & tomato



Craft beer battered hoki, lemon salt,lettuce, tomato & tartare sauce



Black bean, carrot, onion & mushroom pattie with lettuce, beetroot & tomato relish

Add Blue cheese, Feta, Cheddar, egg, gherkins, chorizo, jalapenos or bacon for $2

Add fries to any burger for $3.50
Add house-made onion rings, side salad or seasoned wedges for $4.50

The Thirty30 burger

Northland beef pattie, topped with fried egg, bacon, onions & cheese on lettuce, tomato, gherkins & beetroot. Topped with onion rings

The Hot Chick                   

Free range chicken breast, chorizo, cheddar cheese & jalapenos with lettuce, tomato                & southwest sauce

Gourmet Burger

Beef pattie with bacon, blue cheese, crispy shallots, gherkins & Dijon mustard 

Gluten Free Buns are available at an extra $2 each




Extra Sauce $1 each
choose from Watties Tomato, Tartare, Spicy Southwest,
Sweet Chilli, Tzatziki, Bbq or Sour Cream